Care Guide

Your piece should be carefully stored. Care should be taken to protect it from knocks, chemicals, perspiration extreme temperatures & sunlight.

Here are some of the tips to make your JJ Anchor loved bracelet last.

  • Do not wear your piece when in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna/steam room or while bathing or showering. Chlorine, detergents, oils & perfumes can all cause tarnishing & damage.
  • Avoid direct contact with corrosive agents such as soap, cream, perspiration, water, sun, heat and chemical products to preserve the plating for longer.
  • Body lotions & fragrances all contain chemicals which may dull the finish of your piece. 
  • Remove your piece when doing heavy duty tasks.
  • Gently wipe your piece with a clean soft cloth after each wear to remove dirt & oils (from skin).
  • Thoroughly dry it after exposure to water because moisture/water can cause tarnishing & may weaken strings, clasps and chains.