Which side should you wear your bracelets on?


Just as the right and the left sides of the brain serve different functions, the right and the left sides of the body serve different energy functions. That's why choosing to wear a bracelet on the right or left wrist can change the way you interact with your crystals and intentions.

THE LEFT SIDE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DEALING WITH YOUR INTERNAL SELF FROM YOUR LEFT SIDE. When you wear certain crystals on your left wrist you can consciously address your inner environment. When you want to bring in the energy of love, wealth, health, or any other intention, wear your crystal bracelet on your left wrist. Wear or put your bracelets, coins, charms on your left if you want to receive its healing properties and internal benefit.

YOUR RIGHT SIDE IS MORE ABOUT HOW YOU TAKE ACTION IN THE WORLD OUTSIDE BECAUSE IT IS YOUR "DOER" OR "ACTION" SIDE. When you wear your bracelets on your right wrist, the stones help address the energy you put into your outside environment. When you want to send energy such as love, happiness, abundance, or positivity out into the world, wear your crystal bracelet on your right wrist. Wear or put your bracelets, coins, charms on your right to give its power outward and share its healing properties to others. 

NOTE: Piyao or Pixiu and Bixie can be worn or kept on either side. Make sure that the head of it faces outward when you raise your hand like glancing on your watch. These auspicious creatures should be sitting upright on the top of your wrist same as the placement of the face of your watch. 




There is no specific rule to limit on how many crystals or crystal/stone bracelets you can wear/keep at once. However, it does't mean that the more you wear, the more benefits you will get. Get to know "each crystal" or "group of crystals forming one intention" first before you combine different pieces, start by using one or two bracelets at a time. Notice how its energy affects your mind and spirit. Then set your intentions for your second or third piece and wear it for few days. Pay close attention to the shift in energy.