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2022 Lucky Roaring Tiger Coin

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Warranty, Repairs and Return


In the past few months, we have worked hard to create the highest quality of handmade jewelry for our customers. Our quality is among the very highest in the industry and we are now offer 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all items purchased on or after January 1, 2019 at The warranty covers material defects and production faults reported within 72 hours from your date the piece was received. JJ Anchors will replace the product free of charge. 



Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your bracelet. We will repair/re-size your JJ ANCHORS piece within this one-year international warranty period for FREE. If a repair (excluding re-sizing) is not possible or the repair deemed too expensive, we will exchange the piece against any piece of equal value free of charge. The warranty lapses in the event of incorrect use, third-party repairs and careless handling and the warranty does not cover wear-and-tear, plating issues, wear parts such as leather straps and cords, discoloration of beads, abuse or if the piece is damaged, for example during an accident and issues with metal accents especially the 24 karat golds. Twenty Four Karat golds are considered pure and has 999.9% gold concentration making it the softest gold available.  Please note the Care Guide and Sizing Guide for JJ ANCHORS piece.

The guarantee of repair covers the following:

- Broken cords or elastic strings
- Cracked beads caused by the age of the stone
- Damaged lock or closure

Also, re-cleansing and re-blessing is needed after the repair/re-sizing is done. This process is done by Buddhist Monks and a Php 200 pesos will be collected either via LBC COD or through our payment channels. Repairs/re-sizing and entire cleansing and re-blessing process will take 5-7 days (transit time not included). This guarantee does not replace or limit legal warranties in accordance with the valid laws of the respective country.



You can send the defective piece back to our production site by post or any courier services available using this details:

JJ Anchors Design Lab.
Jesus Lucindo
B2 L20C E. Cojuangco St.,
BF Resort, Las Piñas City, Metro Manila


PLEASE INCLUDE A WRITTEN NOTE INSIDE THE BOX AS TO WHAT CHANGES IN SIZE YOU WANT OR HOW MANY BEADS WILL BE REMOVED. Please do not forget the return address along with the name and contact number.

For your own security, we would like to point out that defective piece should be returned to us as a parcel with return receipt. We are unable to assume liability for damage, loss or theft during transport. The SHIPPING COST "TO" AND "FROM" US IS SHOULDERED BY BRACELET OWNER. Incorrect purchase of product including wrong selection of wrist size is not covered by this warranty.

Shipping Information

Allow us to process your order in the next 24 hours except weekends and holidays. The process will include cleansing and blessing, after that we ship out.

Nationwide Shipping

Via LBC (fixed at Php 100.00)

· Metro Manila - 2 to 3 business days

· Provincial - 2 to 8 business days

Via Lalamove or Grab (shipping payment shall be paid by the client upon order drop-off)

· 1-2 hours from the time of pick up

COD available via LALAMOVE only and within Lalamove's serviceable area.

International Shipping
Premium Registered: from Php 489.00 - 2000 | 15-20 business days, subject to postal office pick up and price depends on your orders’ total weight. 
DHL International: from Php1,250.00 - 4,000 | 3-7 days shipping and guaranteed door-to-door, price depends on the orders’ total weight.

For more detailed information, please click this link: more details

Sizing Guide


We recommend you measure your wrist to determine which one would suit you best. 


  1. Using a flexible tailor’s tape, measure the circumference of your wrist by fitting it right above the wrist bone. 
  2. Read your "exact" wrist measurement. JJ Anchors will provide the right allowances based on our standard wrist patterns.
  3. Start from "0" Centimeters 
  4. Round off – If you wrist for example is 13.5cm, Please select 14cm 
  5. Select your size from the drop down menu at the product page.
  6. All of the products we offer are extensively inspected to provide precise measurements and proper fitting. Please take note that we can only ensure proper fitting for as long as the correct measurements are provided. 

JJ Anchor Measuring Option 1




  1. Measure your wrist below the wrist bone (where you would normally wear your bracelet) using a strip of paper or yarn. Mark your strip with a pen where the end of the strip meets.
  2. Then measure the paper strip with a ruler starting from "0". This is your wrist size.  



  • In the 'bracelet components' section found at the bottom of each product description, there is a specification of what size of bead were used to make the piece.  A photo comparison of bracelets worn with beads in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm size is found below.

Bead measurement and sizes



Product Description


Embossed on the 1st side of the coin is a brave, strong, powerful roaring Tiger 🐅.  Tiger is the apex predator of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. "Intent with their eyes on their prey or the prize, they'll do whatever they can to conquer." They are goal-getter so you will have the best thing in 2022.

Tigers also always want to be the best, taking great pride in their accomplishments and competency. "Tigers are fiercely independent, aggressive, and can cover a lot of territories. They are the known as the king of all beasts in China

Tiger is sure to be ready to achieve all its goals. The love life will be passionate and romantic while the you will prosper in the business sphere alike. Chinese characters in the coin says: THE TIGER IS ROARING IN MOUNTAINS AND RIVERS.

To increase luck for the Tiger year, wear or carry metal accessories like this coin 🪙. Written on the face of the coin are Chinese characters which means the gold Tiger will bring luck to you...

On the flip side of the coin 🪙 is a Chinese symbol with 12 animals zodiac. Yearly, during China's Spring Festival / Chinese New Year every family paste this symbol in their doors. The symbol means "To be blessed, to be lucky, to hope for the best in the coming year."

Legend has it that one day the Gods ordered that animals be designated as signs of each year and the twelve that arrived second were selected... it is reflected on this LUCKY COIN.

This unique coin shows traditional Chinese 12 animals which means you will be blessed this 2021 whatever zodiac you are.

The complete set of Chinese Animal Zodiac 


Where to put? How to carry?

It is believed that by placing Tiger symbols at home or workplace, it will strengthen and increase all the good traits and characteristics of everybody. Other places you can put the coin are the following:

Near the Phone

If your business is more related to calling people and selling them something (such as a telemarketer) then placing coins near the phone or pasting coins on the phone itself is a very good idea.

In The Wallet

Wow! Such a nice place to keep lucky coins; those will help attract more of what you’ve in your wallet. And that’s more money!

With Your Investment Records

Want better returns from your investments? Why not place or paste some lucky  coins with (or on) the file.

Client Files

If you have a client and want more business from them, then you should have a separate file for them with lucky coins tied to it.

The Cash Register

Oh, the cash register! The bottom-line for shops and businesses. Can keeping a lucky zodiac coin help make more sales? Sure it will! Place coins under the register and don’t forget the sides.

Financial Files:

Placing this zodiac coin with all the financial files related to earnings will supercharge it; bringing in more & more of wealth.

Water Fountain:

If you’ve got a water fountain then there’s no way you can miss keeping lucky  coins in that. You must have feng shui coins in the fountain! Try placing 6 coins in the fountain.

Sitting Place

Energize your sitting area; place these coins under your chair. Let them do their magic while you do yours. Hang them on your cabin’s door. Attach them to your fax machines.


Give to Gain More

The more you give the more you get! This law of karma works wonders even with this coin. Hence, don’t forget to gift someone a beautiful set of lucky coins and the universe will take care of the rest.

So, did you see how easy it is to place the lucky coin and to start attracting wealth & money luck?

But there’re some rules you need to – and must – follow while placing these coins. 

Feng Shui Rules Coins Placement

With all the above myriad of places you can keep lucky zodiac coins, here’re some feng shui rules you need to keep in mind while placing them anywhere.

  1. At least 3 coins must be tied or kept together with a red ribbon (you can put it in a pouch with red ribbon)
  2. The place, where you’re keeping the coins, should be clean
  3. Make sure you access that place often (daily is better)
  4. Place the coins such that the Chinese symbols are facing upside.

 And that’s it!

Weren’t those rules too simple? Yes, they’re and that’s the way it is!

You’re now ready to gift yourself a beautiful, wealth attracting set of Lucky coins.



Made from high quality of zinc alloy core, plated, high-strength, wear-resistant, rust-resistant and super durable. It can be compared to a real coin even the sound. The coin has a micro-embossed surface design on each face of the coin.

Diameter: approximately 40mm or 1.57 inches (same as 10 yuan coin)
Color: Gold
Thickness: 2.2 mm or 0.087 inch
Weight: approximately 25 grams
Color: Gold


1. Please allow 0-5mm error due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the product photo may not reflect the actual color of the item. 

3. Each coin is cleansed, temple blessed and sealed by monks.