Double Lucky Pixiu in Gold Hematite

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"Double the LUCK, Double the HAPPINESS."

This double PiXiu is particularly a powerful and auspicious creature of good fortune. The Pixiu is considered an infinite, unending sort of creature. It is said to have a voracious appetite that is never ending. It has a fat body to indicate a full stomach loaded with unlimited of good fortune. This Double Pixiu bracelet is gorgeous and placed in elegant gold hematite. There are two Pixius, Tianlu and Bixie.
A Chinese Pixiu, ( P'i-hsiu) head of a Chinese dragon, body of a lion and with a pair of feathered wings, at the tomb of Emperor Wu of Southern Qi (Xiao Ze) in Danyang (near Nanjing, China).
A very large pair of winged, stone Pixiu guarding a tomb in China. Tianlu and Bixie.


What does Pixiu symbolizes?


Chinese have always adored the Pixiu from high level official to working class people. Pixiu is a symbol of protection and security for all classes. Many people like Pixiu because Pixiu does not gave an anus and it only absorb and eat but do not dispose anything. This mean, Pixiu could absorb a lot of good fortune and wealth luck for you and your family into your office or home and it stays within your premises and do not dispose any of the luck from your offices or home.


Using Pixiu to increase Wealth

Besides being a cure for the Grand Duke, Pixiu also can be used as wealth enhancer. By placing Pixiu according the below diagram locations, one can increase wealth luck in business, gambling luck, and investment luck. Furthermore the Pixiu can protect your luck against being affected by those killing Chi. According to the Feng Shui arrangement, the Pixiu has to be in pair. 

How To Use

1. Wear this bracelet if you have just move into new house. If you have just finished renovating your house, the more reason why you should wear a Pixiu in your house. It will save you from any bad obstacle due to your recent renovation that might have created.

2. If you drive long distance, ensure that you wear a Pixiu in your car. Pixiu will protect you from any unwanted incidents.

3. If permit, please wear a Pixiu bracelet at all times to avoid any unwanted incident or back luck that you may come around in your path. At the same time, it will bring a good fortune and wealth luck to you as well.


Who is Tianlu and who is Bixie?

There are two different types of Pixiu, a male and a female. The physical difference is seen by their antlers. The one with two antlers is the female of the species and is called a "Bìxié"  and the one with one antler is the male of the species and is called a "Tiān lù".

  • Bìxié (Chinese: 辟邪; pinyin: bìxié; Wade–Giles: pi-hsieh; lit. "to ward off evil spirits") - The female of the species; wards off evil. It is also believed that Bìxié has the ability of assisting anyone who is suffering from bad Feng Shui that is due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter (also called as Tai Sui (太岁)).

  • Tiān lù (Chinese: 天祿; pinyin: tiānlù; Wade–Giles: t'ien-lu) - The male of the species; in charge of wealth. Tiān lù is said to go out into the world in search of gold and other forms of wealth and, bringing it home to its Master, the Bìxié is then said to hold onto it, guarding it within the home of the Master. Displaying Tiān lù at home or in the office or wearing him paired with Bixie is said to prevent wealth from flowing away.

Pixiu crave the smell of gold and silver and like to bring their masters money in their mouth. Statues and images of this creature are often used to attract wealth in feng shui.

Today, Tianlu and Bixie is hard to distinguish with each other due to shared same physical characteristics sculpted by modern Chinese people.


The stone we used for this piece:

Raw Gold Hematite 


Polished Gold Hematite

Hematite is the most powerful gemstone to use for grounding. It can help you clear away confusion and orient you toward practical action in the real world. It brings the energy of higher consciousness down through the chakras to your root, and helps you transform that energy into physical reality.

Hematite bracelets are handy to have on hand when you are working with higher-chakra gemstones, to keep you grounded.

NOTE: Gold hematite may darken or lighten depending on the wearer’s pH value.

Bracelet Components 

  • Stones : Gold Hematite (Venezuela)

  • Stone Size: 8 mm

  • Cord: high-resiliency comfortable elastic silicone

  • 14k Gold coated crafted metal alloy and thermachrome lucky Pixiu from Tibet China

What's in the box?

  1. The Bracelet

  2. Instruction on how to activate the crystals/stones.

  3. Bracelet care