Henry II -Howlite | Hematite

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BEWARE of online sellers offering you cheap Howlite & Hematite Bracelets! 
Authentic handmade bracelets are priced from 800 pesos onwards. Our Authentic stones used to make bracelets are charged with a mantra while delicately handcrafting them by our artisans. Then we carefully polish each piece of stone we incorporate to the bracelets. These bracelets are made by real people using their hands, while chanting the powerful mantra to which the stone is described. Then, they are blessed before we ship them to you.
Cheap, low-priced bracelets are machine-made. Because they are made by a machine, NO MANTRAS are chanted. Without these mantras, their luck, healing properties, purposes and protective powers are questionable. So they are priced so low.
HENRY II is made up of Howlite stones from Canada and Venezuelan Hematite. This bracelet has beads of 8mm.
Howlite helps with insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind. Formulates ambitions and aids in achieving them. It teaches patience and helps eliminate rage, pain and stress. Calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. Howlite is believed to help control rage and other negative impulses. It can help develop patience, tolerance and positive outlook in life. It can also bring calm, reason and clarity. It can help expand the horizons and to open the mind to wisdom and new knowledge. It can improve memory , facilitate learning and help access and balance unprocessed emotions.
If you're drawn to the Hematite crystal, it could be a sign that you're in need of grounding and balancing in your life. As soon as the Hematite crystal stone touches the skin, you'll feel more centered and calm with its intense but subtle vibrations. While all #crystals have powerful grounding effects, the Hematite crystal properties are a gem when it comes to clearing and activating the root chakra, the energy center that anchors us to the earth and provides a feeling of stability.


Bracelet Components 

  • Stones: Howlite & Hematite
  • Stone Size: 10mm

What's in the box?

  1. The Bracelet
  2. Product description
  3. Instruction on how to activate the crystals/stones