Hermes III - Tiger's Eye | Hematite | Sterling Silver

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Hermes III - out of Black Onyx 🇺🇦 + Tiger’s Eye 🇿🇦 and Hematite 🇻🇪 Wearing  bracelet with black onyx  on the left side will welcome a sense of security into the body and spirit. Onyx is a highly protective stone that will usher in grounding vibrations to help you settle a chaotic mind. With a clear head, onyx with then assist you in seeing if there are behaviors, people or energies that you need to cut from your life. Through shielding your body with protective energy, onyx will keep unwanted energy from penetrating your spiritual space and influencing your mood.

Be a boss at everything you do when you channel the energy of Tiger’s Eye, the ultimate power crystal in the world of gemstones. For all the dreamers who have been put in a cage either by other people or their own self-doubt, the Tiger’s eye  is the zookeeper that's going to set you free. When it comes to negative emotions like fear and self-loathing, thoughts are not your friends. But the Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning helps keep it all in perspective. With an aesthetic as bold and intense as its healing properties, Tiger’s Eye  helps balance toxic emotions by keeping the mind razor-focused on your true desires.

If you feel as if you are spinning out of control, or your mind is on constant replay, Hematite will help to bring you back to center. It reconnects you with the energy of the Earth to ground your mind, body and spirit. Working with it allows you to shift from a state of overwhelm and anxiety to one of calm and balance.

Bracelet Components 

  • Stones : Black Onyx (Ukraine), Tiger's Eye (South Africa) and Hematite (Venezuela)
  • Stone Size: 8mm
  • Cord: high-resiliency comfortable elastic silicone
  • Copper spacer disc

What's in the box?

  1. The Bracelet
  2. Product description
  3. Instruction on how to activate the crystals/stones
  4. Bracelet care