Jadeite Jade Necklace

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This piece is sourced from šŸ‡²šŸ‡² Myanmar where highest quality of Jades came from.

Pure Jadeite jade is actually white, with impurities responsible for the green, red, yellow, pink, violet, orange, black, and brown colors. Jadeite, the rarest and most valuable variety of Jade, is usually vivid in color and has much finer translucency than Nephrite Jade.

The jade meaning is linked with abundance and good fortune, which is why it makes an excellent part of a ritual for attracting money into your life. Light a candle and hold the jade stone in your hand, letting your mind visualize how money will come into your life.

Jade gives you the wisdom to be able to see past self-imposed limitations and helps you shed that outdated can't-win-don't-try attitude.

Jade has been well known to the world as the ā€œdream stoneā€. It enables learning through dreams, encourages physical understanding of dreams. This jadeĀ bracelet can help emit love, courage chastity, justice and wisdom to the person who wear it and reduce negativity. Besides that, it also increases oneā€™s ability of expression and balances the heart emotionally. InĀ fengĀ shuiĀ point of view, such jadeĀ pendant can heals, purifies and provides comforting energy, provides endurance and peacefulness, so may calms and bring one to a level where the body may heal itself.

Jade stone can strengthens the heart, the kidneys and the immune system of our body. It also helps purify the blood and encourages long life, it is the best gift for the elder people.


European and Asian civilization are well-known for their gemstone culture. Notable cultures such as the Greek, the Roman, as well as the Chinese, used gems extensively both as barter and as symbols of wealth and status. Prior to that, prehistoric people in Europe and Asia used jade to make axes, scrapers and other miscellaneous weapons because it was found to be suitable for tough work. This was due to the extreme toughness and strength of jade. In fact, ancient European civilization mirrored the ancient Chinese civilization, although to a lesser degree, in its regard for these "stones of heaven".

Though Jade culture had existed in Ancient Europe, jade was only primarily used as tools and weapons. As the Bronze Age and the Iron Age approached, more suitable materials became available for many reasons, and the Europeans slowly abandoned the use of Jade. Interestingly enough, the Chinese culture chose to use jade for more ornamental and ritualistic purposes once the need for jade as tools declined.

The manufacture of Chinese Jade articles were already highly developed by the Shang Dynasty. (1751 B.C - 1111 B.C) By the end of the Zhou Dynasty (11thCentury B.C - 222 B.C) and the beginning of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C - 220 A.D), Chinese jades reached a second peak in their development. Craftsman had at their disposal , more advanced tools and efficient methods of polishing jade and created masterpieces.

Beyond maintaining its historical role, jade artistry has been further developed with creativity and skill, and remains an eternal symbol of China's magnificent civilization, a testimony to China's culture and sense of aestheticism.
This jade product will be cleansed of negative energy by using the singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positiveĀ ShengĀ Chi. The item can be used as a gift for your family members and close friends.


NecklaceĀ ComponentsĀ 

  • Stone :Ā Natural Jadeite Jade (Myanmar)
  • StoneĀ Size:Ā 12mm x 15mm
  • Cord Length: 18 inches

What's in the box?

  1. TheĀ Necklace
  2. Product description
  3. Instruction on how to activate the crystals/stones
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