Lucky Ox with Cubic Zirconia in Tibetan Lucky Red String

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This simple yet elegantly handcrafted Red String has LUCKY STRONG OX encrusted with Cubic Zirconia. The bracelet is tied  while reciting mantras on each knot. This bracelet is a wonderful way to draw positive energies, wealth, success, health and good luck into your life.


Ox 🐮 symbolizes luck, strength and perseverance. It gives a perfect to focus on relationships, whether about friendships or love. The Ox is very hardworking and methodical. Ox gives work rewarded 👌🏻 and you luck in terms of money 💵💰 this when you give considerable effort. To increase luck for the metal Ox year, wear or carry this red string. Ox promises that all the problems get solved with discipline.



Originally developed by Russians, Cubic Zirconia (CZ) was manufactured to compose a gemstone with the similar optical properties of a ruby and was intended to be used in Russian laser technology. It was not used in jewelry until 1969 when a creative person decided to facet the material. 

In the 1970’s Russian scientists discovered the process of growing the crystals in a laboratory setting and later marketed the product under the term, “Djevalite”. Interestingly, even Swarovski crystals are made from CZ.

Cubic zirconia is an impressive diamond simulant that offers unsurpassed quality and price. The dispersion of white light from a CZ is superior at 0.058-0.066 to a diamond’s 0.044. CZ is a truly colorless gem, equivalent to a perfect D on the diamond-color grade scale and by comparison delivers a generally indistinguishable product. 

"Professional Jewelers And Gemologists Sometimes Need Special Equipment To Tell It Apart From Diamonds."

The difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds is indistinguishable to the naked eye, only a trained gemologist using specialized equipment can spot the difference. The price difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds is in the range of 30-70%, with lab-grown diamonds being cheaper and free from impurities.

It is a common misconception that lab grown diamonds are of inferior quality, but with advanced technology, they are made of even better quality than mined diamonds. 




  • Adjustable lengths from 10cm (3.94 inches) to 20cm (7.87 inches).
  • Highly-durable red string 
  • Since this product is handcrafted, please keep in mind that there could be a 1-2cm difference in length.  
  • Hypoallergenic, best for sensitive skin types

🔴 What's with the package?

  1. Blessed & authentic Tibetan Lucky Red String with 14K Gold PVD coated, Cubic Zirconia encrusted Metal Ox.
  2. Instructions on how to meditate the bracelet
  3. Care Guide
  4. Cleansing Guide
  5. Box

Bracelet Components 

  • Hardwares: 14K PVD coated metal Ox
  • Blessed Red Silk String