Money Catcher Pi Yao Bracelets with 12K Gold

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A MUST HAVE for businessmen and people who wants MONEY to come in. Pi Yao can often be seen in banks, casinos, foreign exchange markets and finance companies in Oriental countries.





The Pi Yaos used in this 5 beautiful bracelets were made out of sterling silver coated with 14K gold embellished with paved setting of cubic zirconia similar reflection to diamond. Each bracelet has different Pi Yao colors and stones (Ruby, Amethyst, Nephrite Jade, Blue Agate and Citrine).


Pi Yao is a powerful Chinese talisman to bring riches into the home or workplace.  Perhaps even more important is the notion that this creature will not permit wealth to leave the home or workplace. Pi Yao is especially popular among business people, investors and gamblers in Asia. It is regarded as a dominant attractor of money.

This strange and fierce looking creature has a large open mouth which grabs money and keeps it safe. It has a head of a dragon; the body resembles that of a horse, horn of a deer, and claws of a lion. Many are also shown with wings. These were traditionally the ones that guarded the wealth. 

The bizarre fact about this mythical creature is that it has no anus. What goes in will not come out.Pi Yao loves gold and silver. He grabs wealth and holds on to it. He protects your possessions.  


Bracelet 1 - Ruby Money Catcher PiYao in Red Coral, Ruby & 12K Gold beads

Ruby is meant to be a protective stone that is said to bring happiness and passion into the life of the wearer. Ruby is said to be a stone that is will take the wearer to the path of bliss. Apart from it’s red color this is a reason that the ruby makes a perfect gift for a loved one or on occasions like Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries. It is also believed that rubies have the power to align and giver energy to the body. In this way, the gemstone is truly one that represents vitality, vigor and a life that is lived with passion. Ruby is also believed to protect the wearer from negative entities that steal positive energy. The color of ruby is close to the color of blood, which is a carrier of oxygen to all parts of the body. In this way, ruby promotes spiritual vitality and wellness.

Red Coral has a meaning and properties of prosperity. It is both effective in business and love. This gemstone can help increase owner's attraction and make progress in relationship. If you use it for business, it can enhance your creativity.


Bracelet 2 - Amethyst Money Catcher PiYao in Amethyst and 12K Gold beads

Amethyst  is said to bolster your decision making skills. If you’re having trouble making a business decision, you’re not sure in which direction you should move next, wear an this bracelet in your office or on your desk. The combination of the stress relieving properties, which take a lot of the fear and hesitation out your deliberation, and the intuitive properties, which empower you to trust your gut instinct, will increase the likelihood of a positive result. Whether you’re tapping into Amethyst to better your business, bring peace into your relationship, break free from your addiction or to get the rest you need each night, this stone can improve areas of your life that you didn’t even realize needed cleansing.


Bracelet 3 - Nephrite Jade Money Catcher PiYao in Muzo Emerald and 12K Gold beads

Jade encourages you to show up to life as your best self. For thousands of years, jade has been known as a stone of prosperity. Connecting with the ancient wisdom of jade helps you to approach your life with the grace of someone who knows their strengths and how to apply them. Working with a Jade crystal brings a richness to all aspects of your spirit. Through enhancing your heart chakra, jade wills you to put out a wealth of love, joy, wisdom and abundance so that you can channel that energy back to you. Jade is all about longevity and the long-term plan. Once you’ve connected to your highest self and inner wisdom, feed off of the confidence jade brings you to take action. Identify the steps you need to take to live out your vision, and bring your abundance to life.  

Considered a stone of royalty, the Emerald was a favorite gemstone of the queens and pharaohs of ancient Egypt. In fact, its rich and intense hue was often a main centerpiece for jewelry, amulets, and other decorative artifacts. The Aztec and Inca empires considered the Emerald to be a sacred stone that represented wealth and prosperity. During the middle ages, the Emerald was considered one of the most valuable crystals; for many people, including the clergy, it was a symbol of divine faith.


Bracelet 4 - Blue Agate Money Catcher PiYao in Blue Agate and 12K Gold beads

If you suffer from stage fright or have trouble speaking, pitching your ideas to investors or performing in front of others, wearing a piece of Blue Agate is a stylish and pleasant alternative to visualizing your audience in their underpants. Not only is it easy on the eyes with its subtle blue hues and white bands, rings, and specks, but it's also wonderful for those who have trouble expressing themselves. Blue Agate crystal healing properties work to melt away fear and anxieties that haunt us on a daily basis. Societal expectations? Fear of rejection? Use the Blue  Agate crystal stone meaning to clear away these toxic vibes and get ready to soar across the open blue skies of self-acceptance with a renewed sense of calm and tranquility in the eye of an emotional storm. The Blue Agate crystal stone helps guide us towards the path of enlightenment by protecting us from these negative emotions with its soothing colors of a heavenly sky.


Bracelet 5 - Citrine Money Catcher PiYao in Sunstone and 12K Gold beads

Citrine is known as the money stone because it is believed to elevate optimism and energy, and therefore bring you to a place of opportunity, prosperity, and abundance. The sunny attitude of the Citrine stone meaning cultivates an energy that is fertile for growth. In working with the solar plexus chakra, it warms the core to radiate power, centeredness, confidence and endurance.

The Sunstone brings out the leadership qualities within you, kindling and igniting the passion within. Just as the sun brings life to all the living things on Earth, Sunstone will breathe life into your creative spirit. Sunstone promotes energy, vitality, and creativity. A Native American legend says that Sunstone came about from the blood of a great warrior who was wounded by an arrow. The warrior’s blood, which gave Sunstone its shade of red, carried his spirit into the stone. It was seen as a compass capable of lending guiding energy to one’s journey in Viking culture. Sunstone was placed on a ship’s mast as well as in some Viking graves, to point voyages and spirits in the right direction.


Bracelet Components 

  • Stones: Ruby (Kenya), Red Coral (Japan), Amethyst (Germany), Muzo Emerald (Barzil), Blue Agate (South Africa) and Sunstone (USA)
  • Stone Size: 8mm
  • Cord: high-resiliency comfortable black cord
  • 12K Gold filled beads, 14K gold coated Money Catcher PiYao with paved setting of cubic zirconia.

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