Norwegian Larvikite

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The flashy appearance of Larvikite often gets it confused with other luminous stones like labradorite and moonstone, but the unique energy of this crystal is one all it's own. Larvikite energy is about getting grounded in the body to expand the mind. Using larvikite stone helps you to stabilize your emotions when you feel they’ve tipped too far toward the negative. By instilling a sense of calm and working to cleanse you of negative emotions, larvikite frees your mind up to explore new ideas. The unifying connection to the earth that Larvikite instills, ushers in a spiritual balance. It establishes a confident foundation so that you can explore new thoughts, projects, and adventures.

Raw Larvikite Stone



Polished Larvikite Touchstone 


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Bracelet Components

  • Stones: Larvikite (Norway)
  • Stone Size: 10mm
  • Cord: Highly elastic nylon cord
  • Silver Titanium Steel

What's in the box?

  1. The Bracelet
  2. Care Guide
  3. Instruction on how to activate the crystals/stones