Original Tibetan Lucky Red String [pair]

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BEWARE of online sellers offering you cheap Red String Bracelets! 

Authentic handmade and blessed Tibetan Red String bracelets are priced from 888 pesos onwards. Our stones used to make bracelets are charged with a mantra while delicately handcrafting them by our artisans. Then we carefully polish each piece of stone we incorporate to the bracelets. These bracelets are made by real people using their hands, while chanting the powerful mantra to which the stone is described. Then, they are blessed before we ship them to you.
Cheap, low-priced bracelets are machine-made. Because they are made by a machine, NO MANTRAS are chanted. Without these mantras, their luck, healing properties, purposes and protective powers are questionable. So they are priced so low.


Carefully handcrafted red string bracelets from the Buddhists of Tibet, this pair of Red String bracelets with Japanese Red Corals is a great reminder for everyone to show compassion and love to one another.  Wearing Lucky Red String is thought to have magical powers of protection and rewards of good luck. The custom of wearing the red string dates back to Genesis 38 and is worn to ward off misfortune.

The Tibetan Lucky Red String is made with high-quality rope and 2 Japanese Red Corals polished and charged by a protective blessing ritual. They are 100% authentic handmade. The red coral is the most valuable form of coral. The deeper the red, the more it is prized. Corals exist in warm waters from 20 to 1,000 feet deep, with the best quality coral found from 100 to 160 feet which we use to make this bracelet. There have been many beliefs throughout history to the positive attributes of coral. It has always been thought to have the power to protect the wearer against evil and enchantments, as well as the power to cure madness.

You shall say the mantra (prayer),

Om Mani Padme Hum”

(Hail the jewel in the lotus) whenever you are in need of protection, love, and compassion.   

🔴How to wear the red string bracelet?

Tibetan Red String Bracelets are generally worn on the left hand because this side is the closest to your heart! This Lucky Red String will block all the negative energy so that your body can receive positive energy.

Start by getting your loved one tie the string on your left hand, and ensure it fits comfortably.

Start repeating your mantra to refrain from thinking negatively towards others, remind yourself how harmful these thoughts are, and proudly wear the red string bracelet until it wears off on its own. When the red string bracelet falls off, it is believed that the red string bracelet has deflected all of the harm and absorbed the negative energies in your life or that it can no longer hold any more.


  • Featuring two Red Coral beads with adjustable lengths from 6.2" (16cm) to 7" (18cm).
  • Highly-durable red rope with easy lock
  • Since this product is handwoven, please keep in mind that there could be a 1-2cm difference in length.  

🔴What's with the package?

  1. SEALED Blessed & authentic Tibetan Lucky Red String.
  2. Instructions on how to activate the stones and string.
  3. Care Guide
  4. Cleansing Guide

Bracelet Components 

  • Stones: Red Corals
  • Stone Size: 10mm & 8mm
  • Red String

    Get TWO EXCLUSIVE Tibetan Lucky Red String bracelets for the PRICE OF ONE. Keep one lucky bracelet for yourself,  show compassion to others by giving away the other one and bring luck to someone's life, and wear the bracelet for a cause.