Thiago - Black Onyx | Lava Stone | Hematite

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Meet “Thiago” 🤩
is out of Black Onyx from Ukraine 🇺🇦 Volcanic Lava Stone from Mt. Ararat Turkey 🇹🇷 and faceted Hematite from Venezuela 🇻🇪
This beautiful manly piece will elevate your style casually and formally.



Black Onyx meaning is willpower. It has been believed that black onyx gives you power to keep trying until you accomplish a goal. Black Onyx Stone has been said to overcome any difficulties. It is also popular as a talisman to protect you against evil spirits. The gemstone is also used to protect you from crisis.





Lava Stone from Mt. Ararat believes to give strength and courage, allowing stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where the wearer may need to "bounce back". It is a calming stone and very useful in dissipating anger. Lava stone promotes positive changes where needed in behavioural issues.It also enhances fertility.




If you're drawn to the Hematite crystal, it could be a sign that you're in need of grounding and balancing in your life. As soon as the Hematite crystal stone touches the skin, you'll feel more centered and calm with its intense but subtle vibrations. While all #crystals have powerful grounding effects, the Hematite crystal properties are a gem when it comes to clearing and activating the root chakra, the energy center that anchors us to the earth and provides a feeling of stability.

Bracelet Components 
  • Stones :  Black onyx (Ukraine), Hematite (Venezuela) and Lava Stone (Turkey)
  • Stone Size: 10 mm
  • Cord: Super durable elastic nylon 
What's in the box?
  1. The Bracelet
  2. Instruction on how to activate the crystals/stones
  3. Bracelet care